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Melanie’s journey as a healer began in 2009, when she began practicing yogic meditation as a way to relieve chronic migraines and memory problems caused by a concussion she suffered in a car accident. After trying every Western medicinal practice available to her with little pain relief, she delved into the world of alternative medicine. Her recovery - using meditation, diet and lifestyle as her main tools - inspired her to study oriental medicine to help others recover from similar traumatic brain injuries.

Throughout her recovery, Melanie studied Kriya yogic meditation, a form of meditation that focuses on breath manipulation. She quickly learned that meditation drastically reduced her migraines and stress and improved her memory and concentration. In 2012, Melanie spent three months in Japan studying Japanese religions and their forms of meditation, including Soto and Rinzai Zen Buddhism and esoteric Buddhism (Shingon).

Melanie trained as an apprentice in Five Element Acupressure with Dr. Don Hughes, a Doctor of Reflexology and Reflex Sciences, in Denver for three years. Certified as Diplomate in Acupressure since 2014, Melanie practices acupressure, Japanese shiatsu, Blueprint Activation craniosacral method, cupping, moxa, oriental nutrition, and meditation and lifestyle coaching.

Melanie is currently working toward a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree at the Southwest Acupuncture College, which encompasses acupuncture, Chinese herbs and a variety of healing modalities within the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine.