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self-care for migraine headaches

There are many types of headaches, including tension, cluster, and migraine headaches. This class focuses on migraines, which are intense, usually one-sided headaches that can last from several hours, days, or even up to a week. They can by characterized by dizziness or vertigo, sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, head pain, and a lack of mental clarity. This class includes everything you’ll ever need to know about preventing and coping with migraine headaches using alternative medicine, depending on their cause and symptoms.

manifesting your reality

What would you like to create? Is it that perfect job, a new relationship, a crafty project, a comfortable home environment? A very wise woman once said, “We are infinite beings navigating this human form.” Your potential to create and manifest your desires are limitless.

This class focuses on turning your desires and ideas into physical realities. Through practical and meditative exercises, you will learn how to:

  • Frame and clarify your intentions to support their fruition into physical reality.

  • Use your intuition to clarify what you want.

  • Receive guidance from your higher self and from your spirit guides to set your plan into action.

  • Create an environment that matches the vibration of your intentions.

chakras, Grounding & energy protection

This class teaches you how to clear energy in your aura, whether it’s unwanted energy from another person, a negative experience from work, or a stuck trauma from your childhood. Key skills introduced in this course include:

  • Chakras and auras > An introduction to the emotional and physical manifestations of the 7 chakras energy centers and how to enhance those parts of your life with visualization breathing.

  • Grounding > How to connect to the earth and filter out any negative or unwanted energy in your field.

  • Manifesting > How to use your intention to manifest what you want in your daily life.

  • Protecting > How to create a healthy barrier to remove others' unwanted negativity or influence from your field.

self-acupressure & alternative remedies for seasonal allergies and immune support

This class covers alternative approaches to boosting your immune system and managing the symptoms of seasonal allergies using diet, self-acupressure, breathing exercises, Western herbal teas, and other alternative medicinal modalities. The class will take up to an hour, and I will spend the next hour answering any questions. I will also listen to each participant's pulses from a Chinese medicine and medicinal intuitive perspective and share what I see.

japanese zen & esoteric meditations

This class emphasizes the theory and meditative practices of the Soto Zen Buddhist and Shingon Esoteric Buddhist traditions. Melanie studied these practices in Japan in 2012 and is excited to share her stories and experiences while practicing with monks in various Japanese temples. This class covers first-hand experience, theory, and practice of these sects. You will learn:

  • Correct seated meditation posture

  • Soto Zen seated and walking meditation techniques

  • Shingon esoteric mantra-based and visualization meditations

  • The benefits of Zen and Shingon meditative practices through theory and practical applications

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