I hurt my hip the week before my daughter’s wedding and nothing I tried alleviated the pain. My daughter suggested I go to Melanie to see if she could help. Her treatment was so relaxing and most importantly, it worked like magic! I was pain-free and able to dance all night at my daughter’s wedding!
— Maria Stunek, Cleveland

Acupressure has had such a positive impact on my physical, mental, and emotional health that I wish I would have found Melanie years and years ago. Do not pass up the opportunity to experience Melanie’s healing abilities; your body will thank you!
— Christine S, Denver

Melanie is the person who introduced me to acupressure and I discovered that it’s not what I expected at all. It’s so much more than just pressure points! I became an acupressure convert after I threw my hip out while dancing. My chiropractor put the bones back in place, but my hip continued to hurt. A few weeks later I asked Melanie for help. She spent about 15 minutes doing acupressure on my wrist. My hip began to heal and within days the pain had diminished significantly. Within a week it was completely gone. Melanie also educates her clients while she works with them, so I now have a better understanding of acupressure and the theory behind it. I would, and do, recommend Melanie to my friends and family.
— Rebecca H, Denver